Reservations may be made up to, but not to exceed, 90 days in advance (except the Commons; 180 days are allowed). Submittal of a reservation does not guarantee the scheduled location. All events will be authorized through Building Management prior to final calendar approval.

City Creek Commons may be scheduled for a maximum of five (5) hours per event, which includes preparation and clean-up time.

A reservation fee of $200.00 plus the cost of a security guard for the time of the event will apply for any function of more than 50 people. 

Should a homeowner wish to make a reservation for an event that will last more than five (5) hours, a fee of $50.00 for each hour that exceeds the maximum five (5) hour limit will apply to that event.  Fee will be due at the time the reservation is approved.  (This is in addition to the Reservation fee of $200.00) and the cost of a security guard that may already apply to the event).

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